We see the big picture - beneath the surface

Michigan Well goes on Production

Star Creek Energy is pleased to announce that the WellMaster Alber 1-23A well began producing gas, condensate, and NGL’s in January, 2011 from multiple pays in the Prairie du Chien formation. Producing depth is about 9,000 feet, extending the Stanwood Field in Mecosta County, Michigan.

Kerr Basin, Central Texas Project Celebrates First Year of Production

Star Creek Energy (and it’s associate First Place Energy) have generated a project in Bandera County, Central Texas . We are pleased to announce that this project celebrates it first year on production. Gunn Oil Company (Wichita Falls, TX) operates the Carter #1 that produces gas from the Ellenburger at about 4,000 feet. We seek a company with horizontal drilling expertise as a partner to delineate the field.

Exploratory Projects Targeting Reefs and Shallow Oil Zones in the Midcontinent

Star Creek Energy has formed strategic alliances with operators in the Midcontinent US. We bring technology, reservoir and reef expertise to legacy data sets. We are exploring for oil at depths from 2,000 to 5,000 feet.

Technology on tap

Star Creek Energy announced it has upgraded its technology to include Seismic Microtechnology Kingdom "Advanced" software for interpreting 3D seismic.  Star Creek Energy has been recognized by SMT as a 12 year long term power user of its software including 2D3D Pak, Synpak, TracePak and Vupak.

We also use Petra (IHS Energy) mapping software and Geographix software for making maps that find oil and gas.

SCE begins 2011 in New Office Location

We are pleased to announce that Star Creek Energy has a new corporate headquarters: 800 Wilcrest Dr., Suite 230, Houston, Texas 77042. (phones and e-mail unchanged). The new building features a state of the art computing center, high speed internet, enhanced video and teleconferencing.